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Rawganics is a frozen food! We can only deliver this product within a 10 mile radius of any of our locations. Each delivery will be scheduled by a representative so your product stays fresh!

Rawganics Chicken & Bone
Sold By the Per Sleeve

Each Sleeve ≈ 2lbs.

Rawganics is a raw food diet designed specifically for dogs. Our food comes from 100% free range chicken that is free of byproducts, steroids & antibiotics. Our chickens are locally raised from 14 different farms in the Hudson Valley NY region. 

This food isnt a complete balance diet and can be used as a temporary buffer to help your pet detox. This food is flash frozened at 48 degrees below zero for 3 days to kill off any parasites (Just like sushi)

What are the benefits?

* Reduces allergies
* Healthier Coats
* Healthier Bowel Movements
* Fewer Bowel Movements
* Healthier Digestive Tract
* Higher Energy Levels
* Cleaner Teeth 

White and Dark Chicken Meat And Some uncooked Bone

This is not a complete and balanced diet!