Meet the Staff

Mark Poveromo

Mark Poveromo was part of the “system.”

He was a physics and environmental science teacher who liked his job and was good at it, so good, in fact, that Safari Club International named him the Connecticut Teacher of the Year in 1988. Yet he know he wanted more. “When I retire,” he kept telling himself.

During a trip to the Grand Tetons, where he observed wild animals in their natural habitat, Mark discovered his calling - two decades ahead of his scheduled retirement. He began to develop a plan for amalgamating his expertise as a nutritionist, his love of animals, and his desire to be his own boss. What followed were a lot of long nights juggling a duel career: teacher by day, retailer of holistic pet foods by night, A lot of family supply in minding the store. Too many start-up days at the end of which he confronted a “dysfunctional” csh register. (What else would you call $39 in sales as the day’s take?) And a near devastating fire that would have provoked a lesser man to call it quits.

Fortunately for thousands of pets and their masters (a sometimes debatable role reversal) Mark persevered. For while he had seen his dream come true, he had yet to live it, yet to realize its full potential.

Then came the day when Mark had to decide if he was “just” a very good public school teacher or someone whose passion and true calling was in the business he was building from the ground up. He wanted both, but he knew he had to make a choice. He ultimately abandoned the security and demands of his day job, “the system,” and put all of his time, energy, and whatever resources he had left from the fire into Thomaston Feed.

Appointments with Mark can be made by referral.

Nicci Cammack

Nicci joined Thomaston Feed in 2014 with extensive experience in emergency medicine, pharmaceutical research and nutrition. She became involved with emergency medicine at 15 years old, studying to become a paramedic while also attending one of the most academically challenging schools in the state. She moved on to become one of the youngest practicing female paramedics in the state of Connecticut. Her education and training have provided her the ability to make sound decisions in the most stressful and chaotic situations.

Nicci's undergraduate and graduate education includes biology, chemistry, business & nutrition. Additionally she has worked for large and niche pharmaceutical companies that conduct human phase I, II & IV research in fields such as many cancers, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimers, and hepatitis.

Since joining the team at Thomaston Feed she has studied under Mark Poveromo and acquired many professional certifications in pet nutrition, supplementation and complementary herbal therapies. She instructs many federal, state and municipal K9 teams and guide & therapy dog teams on proper preventative nutrition and supplementation. Nicci is also the K9 Nutrition columnist for Police K9 Magazine and K9 Cop Magazine.

Her interests include animal rescue (particularly “bully breeds”), raw diets, how diet impacts disease prevention, diet supplementation, complementary diets for cancer treatment.

To make an appointment with Nicci for your cat or dog please call the Cheshire location 203.271.0111 or e-mail Gudrun at