Meet The Experts

Mark Poveromo

Mark is college educated animal nutritionist, environmental scientist, a breeder of American field Labrador retrievers, dog trainer, and author of’s best-selling book, To Your Dog’s Health. His book is based on his education, experience & thousands of hours of original research.

Previous to opening Thomaston Feed Mark worked as a high school physics and environmental science teacher for over 18 years. He currently resides in a suburb of Danbury, CT.

Over the years, Mark has owned more than 19 dogs, including 11 Labrador Retrievers at one time! Mark has conducted hundreds of seminars, as well as one-on-one consultations with dog owners, dog training facilities, pet hospitals, veterinarians, and other dog care providers. His hands-on holistic approach to pet health has successfully treated, cured, and in many cases, saved the lives of thousands of dogs and cats through proper diet and nutrition.

As the founder and owner of the largest holistic pet food retailer in the Northeast, Mark believes nutrition is the foundation of a dog’s health. When prepared properly, holistic pet food will improve a dog’s health, behavior, longevity, and temperament.

In the past, Mark also served on the advisory board for a dog food company called Mulligan Stew. He has been featured in local and national media, including the Associated Press, USA Today, USA Radio Network,,, and many others. In 1988, he was awarded The Safari Club’s International Science Teacher of the Year in Connecticut.

Nicci Decrisantis

As an expert in companion animal nutrition having a strong passion for educating others she lectures many local and national pet organizations including federal, state and municipal K9 teams, guide and therapy dog teams on proper preventative nutrition and supplementation.

Nicci is the canine preventative health nutrition resource for Police K9 Magazine, K9 Cop Magazine, contributes to the Thomaston Feed blog as well as many featured featured guest blogs on a variety of pet nutrition topics.

Nicci’s interests include metabolic diseases, raw diets, nutritional impact on disease prevention, diet supplementation and complementary diets for cancer treatment.

Her undergraduate and graduate education includes biology, chemistry, business and nutrition. Additionally, she has worked for large and small pharmaceutical companies on projects that include cancer research, diabetes, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s disease, and hepatitis. Since moving her focus from humans to small animals, she has obtained numerous professional certifications in pet nutrition, supplementation and complementary herbal therapies from institutions around the globe.