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Rawganics is a frozen food! We can only deliver this product within a 10 mile radius of any of our locations. Each delivery will be scheduled by a representative so your product stays fresh!

Rawganics Beef Blend Dinner
Available in 20lb Boxes

Each Patty ≈ 1/4lb.

Rawganics is a raw food diet designed specifically for dogs. Our food comes from 100% grass fed beef free of byproducts, steroids & antibiotics. Our cows are locally raised from 14 different farms in the Hudson Valley NY region. 

Our food is mixed with nutrients and probiotics which are then flash frozen at 48 degrees below zero for 3 days to kill off any parasites (Just like sushi)

What are the benefits?

* Reduces allergies
* Healthier Coats
* Healthier Bowel Movements
* Fewer Bowel Movements
* Healthier Digestive Tract
* Higher Energy Levels
* Cleaner Teeth