Summer... It Will Turn You Upside Down...

No truer words were ever spoken when this was written by Ric Ocasek of the Cars (Rock Group) back in the “80’s. especially when you use it to talk about ticks and fleas. But if nature has its way this will become fact. Over the past 25 years or so we have “always” noticed a dramatic jump in those nasty little pests that threaten us and our beloved pets. Ticks and fleas…hmmnn…which is worse???? Many different views on that BUT one thing is certain…we all wonder why are they even here, what purpose to they serve . Other than food for other bugs, birds and reptiles one could wonder…Why are they here? 

Ticks are by far more of a concern year round, even despite weather changes or patterns. Yes they are disease carriers but as important is the fact that they are so resilient. I have had so many people say they used to use the topical ( Frontline-Frontline Plus etc) but still seem to find these nasty little bugs still all over them and their pets despite treatments applied. Why, you may ask? The fact is that most of these companies have lost their exclusivity to the active ingredients that they once held the exclusive ( patent) on. Now one can find spin-offs and clones to these ever popular treatments at upwards of 50% cheaper! The problem…the others, to make it more appealing compromise the product by “tweaking” the formulation, and when this is done even the originators have to bend to stay in the game. This is the same whether one is trying to prevent ticks or fleas from leeching off our best friends. I am sure many have seen the horrible effects of our wild & domestic animals being overwhelmed by tick infestations/bites. The other problem is identifying these pests there are several around in our “neck of the woods”. There are over 500 types worldwide but here in the NE the predominant are:

American Dog Tick

Black Legged Tick

Deer Tick 

The latter of these three have been associated with being carriers of such diseases as: Lyme, Errlichiosis, RMSF ( rocky mountain spotted fever) Just to name a few. 

So, what can we do?? There are several things to consider, try applying an all natural repellent ( Clove, cedar, rosemary etc) sprays if you are interested.

But if you are “sold “ on using the topicals or collars. Remember- these spot on and collars active ingredients are all confirmed neurotoxins to our best friends with side effects that are too many to list, and very dangerous. Please research these… as my motto says “ Our best customer is an educated consumer”.

You may also want to consider some of the “Et” products available out there. Why do I call them “Et”…other than they are out of this world (lol) the reason is I have no idea how or who came up with these product(s)..was it influenced by Et’ These ultrasonic pest repellents have a tremendous fan base and do appear to work well for many dogs. I carry in  my store the brand “ Shoo tag” amazing product ..Google it. BTW- they make it for humans they do not repel other people from you ( which may be a great idea in afterthought) LOL, but do work as a type of “force field “ to prevent ticks ( and fleas!!!!!!!!!!!!!) from jumping on humans and pets alike. In nutshell it works with you and your pet’s “Chi” ( Energy) levels. The healthier the pet the more effective it works!. Check it out!


These lil buggers are certainly more prevalent in the hot/ dry days of summer but also can be as tough or tougher opponent to rid of. Unlike ticks, fleas tend to be attracted to light colored animals while ticks like dark colored animals. But they are -too so many people- a more hated opponent due primarily to their reproductive abilities… ( FYI) eggs hatch within 5 days and breaking the cycle of the flea is the ticket to eradicating these pests from our pets, our homes and our person. Once again the spot-ons and collars are popular but now that you know the side effects of these products you may want to consider a more natural alternative.

Finding both of these pests takes scrutinizing of your pets skin and coat, be thorough and as the Ric Ocasek of the Cars wrote… it will turn you upside down literally trying rid these pests from our best friends …and us too….Good Luck!!!!

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