Do Grain Free Diets cause DCM?

Hot Topic: Let's talk about DCM or Dialated Cardiomyopathy. This topic has been literally breaking the internet these past couple of weeks based on a study recently released blaming grain free diets for causing DCM. The short explanation being that the excess legumes within pet food is prohibiting the absorption of an amino acid, Taurine, which is causing a thinning and inefficiency of the heart muscle. Taurine was once thought only to be an essential amino acid for cats, however it is necessary for canines as well. Obviously, it is WAY more complicated than that, which of course leaves many of you very concerned...and rightfully so! Mark and I have also received way too many calls, texts, e-mails and visits to count from everyone concerned about DCM, and we want to provide you with complete information that you can trust and understand. We're going to change the August 16th Cats, Canines & Cocktails event to an info session on Diet & DCM, but we want to hear from YOU! What concerns and questions do you have? Have any of your personal pets been affected by DCM? Do you feed a grain free diet? Will you continue to?

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