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Select Towns/Cities in CT

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We are proud to offer our local delivery service to the following zip codes:


Ansonia, CT: ZIP 06401

Beacon Falls, CT: ZIP 06403

Bethlehem, CT: ZIP 06751, 06795

Bristol, CT: ZIP 06010

Derby, CT: ZIP 06418

Harwington, CT: ZIP 06791

Litchfield, CT: ZIP 06778, 06787, 06791

Middlebury, CT: ZIP 06762, 06770

Morris, CT: ZIP 06763

Naugatuck, CT: ZIP 06706

Oakville, CT: ZIP 06779

Oxford, CT: ZIP 06478

Plainville, CT: ZIP 06062

Plymouth, CT: ZIP 06782, 06786

Seymour, CT: ZIP 06483

Shelton, CT: ZIP 06484

Southbury, CT: ZIP 06488

Southington, CT: ZIP 06489

Terryville, CT: ZIP 06786

Thomaston, CT: ZIP 06787

Torrington, CT: ZIP 06790

Waterbury, CT: ZIP 06704, 06708

Watertown, CT: ZIP 06704, 06779, 06787, 06795

Wolcott, CT: ZIP 06716

Woodbury, CT: ZIP 06798

We offer free delivery for orders over $49 to the select zip codes above.


** We do not ship out of state or deliver outside of these zip codes**


Place your order online or give us a call today to take advantage of this great service!

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